Lonely woman in love with Zuckerberg for showing interest in her private data

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“Men I’ve been involved with were only interested in sex. Whenever I tried to establish meaningful communication with them, it ended in a disaster. If we went out on a date, they would either talk about themselves or stare at my breasts.”

These are the words of a lonely middle-aged woman deeply touched by Facebook’s attempts to get to know her better. Whether Facebook is collecting her user’s data illegally or not doesn’t seem to worry her. At the moment, escaping anonymity and existential dread is the only thing that matters.

“Shallow, meaningless encounters, occasionally ending in bad sex”, she continued.“I’ve been feeling empty and dead inside for years.It seemed that no one is interested in my feelings and desires.I felt like a shadow.”

“Then, everything changed. I’ve read that Facebook is secretly overriding its users’ privacy settings. For whatever reason, someone was finally interested in my intimate life.”

I‘ve had a Facebook account for more than a decade, but wasn’t very active. Random posting, maybe two, three times a month, to stay in touch with a few friends I have. Now I’m posting several times a day.”

“I am planning to send a nice love letter to that handsome young man, Zuckerberg, who owns the company. There will be many cute little hearts and subtle perfume scent on the paper. I will attach a printed version of my entire user data to the letter. Things I like and dislike, what I’m looking for in a potential partner, things I like to wear, that sort of thing.”

“Maybe Mark is just too shy to ask me out.”


Sasa Stankovic

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