Man caught breaking into quarantine hospital was ‘only trying to see a doctor.’


After being caught halfway through a smashed window, Wirral resident Nigel Palmer told police he’d had a long and frustrating day trying to see an NHS doctor.

Palmer said it had all started when he found a nasty rash on his abdomen.

‘I called the GP to make an urgent appointment and they kept me on hold for an hour and a half. It was horrific. I love Vivaldi as much as the next man; I’ve got two easy listening classical compilation CDs in the van.’

‘I did my best but when ‘Spring in E’ was interrupted every two minutes by a message telling me they value my call, I finally hung up and dialled 999 for an ambulance. According to them, a rash on the abdomen isn’t a priority and they refused to send one out.’

‘So I drove to my nearest A & E, which was full of people who didn’t have this Coronavirus bollocks, and they told me it would be an 8-hour wait. That’s when I lost it and went to the quarantine hospital I saw on the telly. All I wanted to do was see a doctor. I’m not a criminal.’

Mrs Palmer said she supported her husband’s actions. ‘I don’t agree with him smashing windows or being caught by the police, but hopefully if they send him to prison, he will get medical attention. I did tell him that it’s probably just his allergy to the cat flaring up again.’



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