Change UK one year anniversary party ‘falls apart in chaos’


Just one year after leaving their respective political parties to change British politics forver, the MPs who formed ‘The Independent Group’, no, ‘The Independent Group for Change’, no hang on, ‘ChangeUK’, have held a party to celebrate all their achievements over the past twelve months.

“It’s been a rollercoaster year for us’ said Chukka Umunna, not actually an MP anymore, who spoke to reporters from outside the wrong venue. ‘Who is this, why do you keep ringing up?’ replied the journalist, ‘No one cares.’

The birthday party for the group that was supposed to change British politics forever was held at a secret venue in West London, so none of them actually knew where to go. In fact, that venue was knocked down years ago, and the wrong date was put on the invitations. Anna Soubrey, not actually an MP anymore, said ‘Our mission was to stop Brexit and build a major party of the centre. Now can I interest you in replacement windows?’

In fact none of the MPs who formed ChangeUK are still in the House of Commons one year later, the Conservatives have been re-elected with a massive majority and Britain has left the EU. ‘But apart from that…’ said Mike Gapes, we achieved most of what we set out to do. ‘So we thought we should celebrate with really big party. Except ironically, it’s ended up as a very small party that never really got going.’

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