Young Canadian couple refused UK visa under new system.

harry and meghan

A young Canadian couple have become the first to be refused entry to the UK under the government’s new points-based immigration system. The couple claimed they were urgently needed by a well-established British firm to fulfill various work obligations at a series of prestigious venues around the country, and to visit close family members.

However, speaking for the Home Office, junior minister Josephine Regent said that the couple were unable to provide a convincing account of what they would be doing at these events, how their contribution would help run the event, or that they had any skills at all on the government’s approved list. “It’s not as if they were even any good at tennis.They seemed to expect they would live off the state” continued Ms Regent. “And these alleged ‘family’ members never returned our calls. So we sent the chancers back. We understand that there were only a few weeks left on their contract anyway.”

The couple have said they will appeal against the decision, claiming that their paperwork had not been properly processed. “Look” said Harry, “we clearly ticked the box saying ‘We are absolutely loaded’ so what’s the problem?”

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