Residents delighted as local graffiti vandal scrawls over unwanted Banksy


A Banksy artwork of a young girl firing a sling shot of flowers that appeared on a wall in Bristol on Valentine’s day, has had the words “BCC wankers” sprayed over it in bright day-glo pink paint. Local people celebrated with an impromptu street party, saying that as the artwork has been badly defaced and was now worthless, the usual bunch of arty tossers won’t come out to look at it.

Painter and decorator, Joe Mee, who was pouring himself a Prosecco said: ‘I appreciate the artists’ irony, wit, and incorporation of elements of surrealism. He’s allowed his vision to remain fresh and the choice of bright pink paint coupled with the word “wankers” really works. But that Bansky stuff with the young girl and the flowers, well that’s just a cartload of bollocks.”

The artwork appeared on a rented house owned by Simon Edwins. ‘We’ve had enough of Banksy around here,’ said Edwins. ‘He does it all the time and its complete chaos. We get coach loads of arty twats coming along pointing and taking selfies. I was worried that it would still be up, even after Storm Dennis. Luckily the heroic actions of a real graffiti vandal have put our minds at rest. We can’t thank him enough.”

One local resident who spotted the vandalism added: ‘A blank wall is always going to present an opportunity for a mindless graffiti vandal like Banksy. He should just fuck off to Stonehenge and give it an undercoat or something.’


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