Children banned from heading balls, Scotland to continue teaching Glasgow Kiss


Whilst the FA has been busy announcing a ban on children heading the ball In the UK, in Scotland the Scottish Education Secretary has announced this will not affect the teaching of the Glasgow Kiss. ‘This is our national heritage and we are proud to continue teaching this time-honoured tradition.’

Before learning the kiss students have to learn the lip curl, then the stare with head cocked to one side, and then the warning phrase “see you Jimmy”.  Once they pass this they move onto more threatening behaviour such as “youz gonna get the malky” etc.

‘Southerners wishing to explore the full experience of the Glasgow Kiss can use their Scottish Heritage Pass to feel first-hand the “Kiss”, which we are proud to retain as part of our National Heritage,’ said the Education Secretary.  ‘Just stop any local wearing a string vest and ask “you looking at me?”  Please take the resulting kiss as a symbol of the Scottish welcome.’





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