11 year old girl suffers overnight transformation

help for moodiness in teenage daughter

An 11 year old girl has transformed herself during her sleep and become a total bitch.

“She was perfect” said her father, “we used to do things together, drawing, games etc, and she loved going shopping with my wife, we were the perfect family.

I used to call her Angel, It’s like she went to witches school one night, or had a secret meeting with the mother in law, when she came down for breakfast she appeared as spawn of the devil. Now when I drop her to school I have to park down the road so her friends can’t see. An expert on such matters said “Don’t worry, It only lasts 7 years*”


*Officially it’s 7 years, a government statistic used to reduce the self harm rates by middle aged parents.  Unofficially add ten and keep counting.



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Posted: Feb 28th, 2020 by

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