Workplace heroes not about to take a day off


‘Self-isolate?’  scoffs Dan Everhard in between gulps of his third double macchiato of the morning.

‘Who’s going to run the crack North-West sales team if I’m ‘shirking from home?”  Dan goes on – adding air-quotes to emphasise his derision of the company’s working from home initiatives in response to COVID-19 – and his opinion of the “snowflakes” who decide to follow guidance.

Dan’s mobile rings again and he waves us away with a finger pistol air shot:  ‘Gotta go, I ain’t got time to fanny around when there’s monster deals to be closed’.

Julia Knakkerbuster was listening from the next desk and confides in us that she once nearly took a day off : ‘to have the twins, but I was back by 3pm for the team’s end of month Razz meeting as usual.’

‘Sure, I have a bit of a cough and a headache today.  But got a couple of paracetamol down my neck and just getting on with it.’

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