Grandparents deny using coronavirus as excuse not to look after grandchildren


The grandparents, Jane and Dave Johnston, issued the denial after their son and daughter-in-law suggested they were using the coronavirus, and the elderly’s susceptibility to it, as an excuse to avoid babysitting duties.

‘Of course we’re not,’ Jane said. ‘We love to have our beautiful grandchildren over.  They were a joy to have on Monday evening when Alec and Tina went to the pub quiz.  And Tuesday, it was a brilliant surprise to be picking them up from school because Tina’s Pilates overran, and Alec couldn’t get away from work.  But, the risk of transmission from the little ones is just too high, we can’t’.

‘Babysitting,’ she added, settling down on her sofa to watch a repeat of Call the Midwife, ‘will resume after the pandemic is contained.  And there will be plenty more time for babysitting too, especially after the third one is born.’

‘The third one?!?’ Dave exclaimed from the back room.  ‘Sodding hell. I forgot about that one.  I wonder if we can get a boat to Italy?’

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