Matt Lucas to present Bake-Off in Blackface.


It has recently been announced that the new Great British Bake-Off host will be Matt Lucas, who, upon being asked what he would bring to the iconic British show, simply remarked: ‘My trademark wit and racism’.  The comedian, who you no doubt know from his roles in films such as Alice in Wonderland and Bridesmaids, rose to prominence with Little Britain and Come Fly With Me, primarily due to his ability to create comedic characters with three dimensions (one: funny costumes; two: funny accents; and three: racial stereotypes).

Upon further questioning, Lucas was adamant that he would only present the show in character, commenting that he would do white ones if they were women, but that’s ‘as low as [he’d] stoop’.  His old partner David Walliams has not responded to our request for a comment, no doubt trying to obscure the nature of his past in order to buttress the notion of him as TV’s everyman; a presenter of Britain’s Got Talent and a budding children’s author (and crucially, not a racist, no siree).  Said the producer: ‘Matt represents great value for money. For the price of one presenter, we get two.  And at the same time we get to tick the diversity box.’

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