Account executives fail to make key worker list

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As coronavirus continues to tighten its inexorable grip on society and sanity, several Human Resource Groups have expressed their disappointment at not being on the government’s “Key Workers” list.

Simon Plett of the Association of British Insurers pointed out that insurance salesmen were a vital part of economic recovery in times like these, but was forced to admit that their members weren’t issuing any new policies at the moment, but “that could change” if the Government bailed them out “like the last few times”.

“It just doesn’t seem fair or logical according to this diagram I have just made up and scribbled on this flip chart” said Mike Clathburt, a Management Consultant from the company ThrustNow! “Who will be advising companies to sack‘rightsize’ for short term shareholder gains as the virus bites”?

Similar complaints were made from trade associations representing account executives, hairdressers, tired TV producers, personnel officers, security guards, and public relations executives.

To their own surprise telephone sanitisers have made it onto the list for the first time.

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