Brits gather on balconies to moan about the weather

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Self-isolation due to coronavirus has not stopped plucky Brits from gathering on balconies or leaning out of windows to moan about the weather in morale-boosting nationwide flashmob events.

Shouting down from her bedroom window, Sharon Bennett explained: “Every afternoon after ‘This Morning’ we stick our heads out and have a right good gripe about the weather.

“My nan says it generates the same community spirit like what she used to do in the war, in the tube stations. Though I don’t know what she’s talking about, she’s lived in Carlisle all her life.”

Self-isolating Brits are only allowed to venture from their homes for reasons of health needs, emergencies or to tell someone that’s parked in front of their house to move, even though they don’t own a vehicle themselves. Just after midday people appeared on balconies and leaned from bedroom windows, all peering skyward, all with faces like slapped arses.

“It’s bloody miserable!”

“It makes you want to stay in because you want to, not because you have to.”

“Even if I could go out, I wouldn’t!”

“It’s playing havoc with my knee.”

“Should I put up bunting?”

“At least when China and Italy had it bad their pollution cleared. Fat chance we’ll ever need sunglasses again.”

And right on cue, it began to rain. With a coordinated chorus of, “It’s that drizzle that soaks you right through.” everyone was back inside for Loose Women.

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