People asked to go out to help the police stopping people going out


Police numbers are at a critically low point making it hard for them to stop public gatherings or stop people pointing and laughing. With a ratio of 500 people for every police officer, sadly the only group we have successfully stopped from gathering en masse are police officers themselves. Criminals have been asked to gather in groups of two or less and to wash their hands.

One determined vigilante said: ‘I’m going to clean up the streets. Which reminds me, we probably need someone to literally clean the streets as well’.
The Government has proved a list of groups of less than two that can still gather, including snooker players, couples playing hide and seek, trombone duets, muggers, confessionals, tandem riders, flashers, Scottish football crowds and Lib Dem conferences.’

Added a Home Office spokeswoman: ‘We need you to go onto the streets to prevent people going onto the streets. If you find that several other public-minded citizens have arrived on the scene to assist, please instruct them to arrest themselves.’

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