Brexit festival marred by outbreak of Parliamentary decision-making


Revellers camped outside Parliament expressed dismay today after MPs debated proposals for their removal.

The Europe-themed Mardis Gras on College Green became a fixture in 2018, attracting party-goers from across the political spectrum in a celebration of flag-waving, shouting near cameras and campanology.

One attendee told us: ‘This is very disappointing, not only for it being an attack on our right to assemble, but also the loss of income it signifies for flag makers, drumming workshop operatives, ice-cream vendors and the guy I rented that bell from. Many were hired on six month contracts. The man who shouts ‘stop Brexit’ will almost certainly have to be paid off.’

He added: ‘It is wrong that politicians should spoil this unprecedented period of ‘joie de vivre’ across the nation. We must remember that this festival brings together many people who would not usually meet – only yesterday I saw an anarchist sharing a joint with an elderly Leave campaigner as they exchanged stories about their moribund home lives.’

Various MPs have proposed a number of different plans to disperse the group, including imposing a partial withdrawal whilst retaining access to placards, and creating a designated zone holding one EU flag and a racist juggler. However, it’s thought that in liew of an event this summer, attendees will instead make for Paris YellowFest 2019, which is currently attracting large numbers with its line-up of bonfire-building, fire juggling and repetitive gesticulation at police whilst wearing day-glow clothing.

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