Met Office accused of ‘insensitive timing’ over recent good weather


The Met Office has been strongly criticised for its scheduling of the glorious spring weather that the country has been experiencing of late. After months of atrocious conditions – including several consecutive storms that led to weeks of severe flooding – the weather since last weekend has been bright, sunny and getting increasingly warmer. Unfortunately, this steady improvement in climate has almost perfectly aligned with the Government’s gradual introduction of ever stricter Coronavirus countermeasures.

‘A couple of weeks back, when we could all still roam freely, it was absolutely hacking it down,’ said Robin Tempest, spokesman for Meteorological Observation & Notification (MOAN), the body that oversees the British public’s conversations about the weather. ‘Now we’re all confined to barracks, it’s absolutely gorgeous outside.

‘What were the Met Office thinking? They don’t appear to care about the feelings of the millions who can now only stare longingly out the window as Spring blossoms outside.’

Countering the criticism levelled at it, Penny Endersby, Chief Executive of the Met Office, explained: “People appear to labouring under a misapprehension that we have the power to change the weather at the drop of a hat. This is completely untrue. We have to plan and carefully program in the weather months in advance.’

‘This current spell of pleasant early spring weather was configured back in November last year, way before anybody understood the impact Covid-19 would have,’ Professor Endersby continued. ‘Hopefully the British public will appreciate the apocalyptic signs we have built in to April’s weather. We have thunderings, and lightnings, and the stars of the heavens falling unto the earth. Should be good.’

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