Elderly Germans enthusiastic about checking papers of train passengers

Krakau, Razzia von deutscher Ordnungspolizei

Finding its efforts to combat the Coronavirus undermined by people using crowded trains for non-essential journeys, the German government announced a policy of making sure people’s jobs really are essential before letting them travel. This led to what one surprised spokesman described as ‘a flood of elderly volunteers’, not only offering to help but claiming relevant experience.

Horst Kessler, 93, from Stuttgart, said he had spent many years in his youth checking papers to see who was an essential worker, though he was evasive about exactly when this was, describing it vaguely as ‘the good old days’. He insisted his skills could be adapted to the current crisis, though he admitted he was surprised that this time around, people who did useful work were the ones being put on the trains. And that the trains had seats.

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Posted: Mar 29th, 2020 by

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