Abandoned Prince and frozen out Princess find sanctuary in fairy tale castle


After several weeks of roaming in the wilderness, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan have found sanctuary in a fairy tale castle.

The turreted Disneyland Castle, in Anaheim California, has been offered to them, along with the promise of tight security, by executives of the Disneyland Resort in exchange for the odd appearance as Princess Elsa and Olaf.

The pair are said to be delighted with the offer after trekking for days through the frozen wastes of Canada. “I kept spirits up by singing ‘Let it Go!” to Harry and Archie at every opportunity,” said an exhausted Meghan. “They really appreciated it.”

New defences have been installed to keep the worst American nut-jobs and any Republican party officials at bay. These include cauldrons of scalding hot oil located above the portcullis; medieval trebuchet catapults and a moat filled with tried and tested man-eating alligators shipped in from Disney World’s Seven Seas Lagoon in Florida.

But it won’t be one long vacation according to sources. It is understood that the Duchess is in talks with Walt Disney Studios for a modern remake of Cinderella while she is in residence at the Castle.

A spokesman for the Studios said, “We have most everything in place except someone to play the Ugly Sister-in-Law.”

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