Women’s Institute to knit face masks for NHS

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Responding in the only way an august institution such as the WI can, its members have gathered together – while maintaining a healthy 2 metre gap between members – to knit face masks for NHS staff. ‘We read about the shortage and Hilda has plenty of white wool, so we decided we’d go for it,’ said Joan today.

Margaret is ambitious: ‘I’ve plenty of grey and cream wool so I’m going to knit some ventilators. Doreen down the road tried to knit a heart/lung machine, but ran out of blue for the hoses so I’m making sure I’ve got enough wool before I start,’ she said.

Workington’s ‘Shed Men’ group aren’t leaving it all to the WI. ‘We’re going to turn a field hospital on a wood lathe, as long as we can get enough pallet wood,’ said Stan today. He declined to comment on rumours that the group is going to hew a mortuary out of solid oak. ‘You need to talk to Frank about that, he’s the one with the chisels,’ said Stan.

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