PFA slams calls for footballers to take 30% wage cut during Covid-19 crisis


The Professional Footballers’ Association has hit back at suggestions, that with the country in the deepest crisis since world war two, and industry and the economy almost crippled, its players should take a thirty percent wage cut.

But it’s a move that’s not finding much favour among the game’s upper echelons.

A spokesman for the PFA reacted angrily to the idea. ‘Listen, it’s a now long-established tradition, no more a divine right actually, that our members get paid ludicrous sums of money for being prima donnas and kicking a ball around every weekend, well normally anyway.’

‘Riches beyond the dreams of avarice enable them to do or buy whatever they please and afford them godlike super rich status in the eyes of fans. Besides, think of the reduced tax take if that were to happen. That’s a shedload that could be going to the NHS every week along with Boris’s £350 million isn’t it? You’re welcome!’

‘So if they took a thirty percent cut, it would mean footballers would be slightly less wealthy than phenomenally wealthy and that would be really quite bad for them, wouldn’t it? It’s a crazy idea. I can’t believe anyone’s even suggested it.”


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