Queen delivers first of Sunday night Joe Wicks-style workout videos

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In the first of her planned weekly broadcasts to the nation the Queen has stressed the importance of self-discipline and resolve during the coronavirus lockdown while running through her extensive range of high-intensity interval training.

Wearing a leopard-skin leotard and leg warmers the Queen told viewers that even though the country is in lockdown it is still possible to stay healthy and get fit in the privacy of one’s own palace or castle.

‘Let’s do this commoners!’ urged Her Majesty over a pumping techno version of the Coronation Anthem. ‘It’s time to stop watching The Crown on Netflix and do some star jumps, let’s go!’

The Queen then ran through a mixture of core-strengthening and cardio-vascular exercises before ending the 15-minute workout with a series of stomach crunches and press-ups which the 93-year-old monarch said ‘even has Prince Andrew sweating buckets’.

The monarch ended the broadcast by asking the public to stay at home and only leave the house for essential reasons such as ‘to walk the corgis on the estate or to inspect one’s Household Cavalry’.

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