Leeds boss faces sack for bringing the game into repute


Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa could be dismissed after a show of sportsmanship, contrary to the long-established traditions of the football club. The Argentinean will be fired unless he can persuade the Directors that he truly embraces the graceless, classless ethos that is at the very heart of the club universally known as ‘Dirty Leeds’.

Everything had been proceeding as expected during the game against Aston Villa, with Leeds scoring a very controversial goal rather than kicking the ball out of play to allow an opposing player to receive treatment. This prompted a massive brawl during which a Leeds striker play-acted that a punch had been thrown, causing a Villa defender to be sent off. In other words, Leeds were demonstrating their customary disregard for the principles of fair play.

But Bielsa, recognising that his team’s goal should not have been scored, appeared to suffer an attack of conscience and ordered his players to immediately concede an equaliser. They duly obliged, apart from one defender who attempted to kick the striker up in the air before he scored. No doubt that player is a ‘legend’ according to the Leeds fans.

Leeds have a long history of dishonesty, going back to the days of Don Revie’s hated teams, through the dodgy chairmanship of Ken Bates, and the ownership of Massimo Cellino, who was convicted of tax evasion, deception and false accounting. When Marcelo Bielsa was found guilty of sending coaching staff to spy on opposition training grounds earlier in the season, he was thought to have convinced everyone at the club that he is a suitably unfit and improper person for Leeds.

But this incident has caused Leeds to have doubts about whether he is the right man to lead them into a new era of cheating. If he is given until the end of the season, Bielsa will only have a few more games to lower Leeds’ reputation back into the gutter.

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