Sales of iPhone holder-holders to hold iPhone holders skyrocket


With the market for gadgets attaching iPhones to car windscreens and table surfaces now saturated, online sales of iPhone holder-holders are swiftly rising online.

Jake Smythe, CEO of said ‘Our range of holder-accessories includes a selfie stick-stick, which means you can take a selfie from further away, or just take a snap of your original stick without removing the iPhone. Then there’s the nubuck slip case-case to put that expensive iPhone case in, for double protection (or try our rubberised ribbed version for even more pleasure and extra grip!) and of course our unique flagship holder-holder, which eliminates shake from the original holder by holding it extra tight. The holder-holder performs as a steadi-cam mount, sticks to any surface including bubbling porage and lakes of burning oil, is edible by vegans and is visible from space.

Smythe later denied rivals were developing iPhone holder-holder-holders, to add that extra security and stability to that expensive iPhone, its holder and its holder-holder!

In other loosely related news, Noddy Holder has agreed to release Noddy and denies asking Big Ears for a ransom.

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