Man in gastro-pub can’t work out which is the men’s toilet


A Man was left confused and crossed-legged when he failed miserably to work out which restaurant toilet was the men’s due to un-necessarily obscure signage.

Disgruntled customer, Dan Evans said, “what’s wrong with clear toilet signs? Like the cordial notices you find on public toilets – ‘Gentlemen’ and ‘Ladies’ – leaving aside the gulag decor, weird stench and resident weirdo in an anorak and no trousers, of course.”

“I can just about stomach some of the tw*tty variations like ‘buoys’ and ‘gulls’ or ‘guys’ and ‘dolls’ or a drawing of a ‘penis’ and ‘penis in a red circle with a line through it’ – I mean, that last one’s pretty dark but at least you know where to go for a wazz.”

“Now I’m in the crystal maze – work out the mind-f*ck of a conundrum or p*ss yourself. Yeah, thanks. I mean, ‘a sail boat on water’ and ‘some kind of flying goose or swan’ – really?

“Communal kettle bin-wash basin it is, then.”

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