Richard Branson raises £120 million walking 100 laps of his garden


Richard Branson has earned a remarkable £120 million in the time taken to walk 100 laps of his garden, a remarkable feet for the 69 year old pensioner.

Branson was completely unsurprised by the sum raised and thanked the generosity of the companies that he owns and the tax arrangements of the British Virgin Islands.

Branson plans to immediately donate all of the money raised to pay for much needed food and medical supplies for the island that he owns and that he alone lives on.

Sir Richard said, “Look I’ve always said now is a time to dig deep and really show support in this time of crises and that’s why I am asking the British Government for cash to bail out my airline company.” Branson went on, “But this shouldn’t just be about me, this is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and show their support at a time like this and that’s why lots of people at the companies I own are all stepping up to the plate by accepting redundancy and unpaid leave.”

Branson is not the only billionaire seeking money to furlough his staff, Sir Philip Green is asking for taxpayers’ money to support his Arcadia fashion group and Mike Ashley owner of Newcastle United is asking for money to furlough staff or for permission to shoot them.

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