Unilateral test of seat recliner fuels tensions in mid-cabin area


The man sitting directly in front of you on your short-haul flight to the Balearic Islands is definitely going to recline his seat as soon as the seatbelt sign is turned off, it has been confirmed.

The disappointing news has been delivered to you indirectly, soon after take off, via a series of unnecessarily exaggerated mimes by the occupant of seat 21A, including some quizzical checks for the location of the recliner button and a couple of practice shunts of backward pressure on the seat.

The revelation ends almost 3 hours of optimistic anticipation on your part of a relaxing journey to the sun and is likely to raise tensions in the mid-cabin region of the Manchester to Palma flight. The situation is expected to be worsened at least threefold  by the fact that the act of reclining will be done seemingly without any concern for your comfort.

Your wife has warned you on previous flights about the futility of retaliatory action, including digging your knees hard into the back of the seat and shaking the seat in front violently whilst pretending to look for a magazine in the seat pocket. The latter has been a strategy which has proved effective in the past when the occupant takes their first sip of a cup of tea. However, weighing up the options it seems increasingly likely that you will go for the peaceful route of stewing over the situation silently, whilst at the same time subconsciously taking it out on those around you by offering sullen, monosyllabic responses to any innocent questions.

President Trump knows nothing of your situation but if he did he’d consider you a sissy and urge you to teach that bastard a lesson. Thank goodness he’s not here to cause a disturbance, and is instead busy preparing to nuke North Korea. You’ve got enough on your plate, what with all those queues at Spanish customs to look forward to.

Happy holidays.



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