8 Ways to tell if you’re in a Pam Ewing dream


If things seem a little odd in your life, you might be in a Pam Ewing dream and it will soon be all OK when she wakes up and Bobby comes out of the shower. Here are 8 ways to tell if you are currently trapped in Pam’s subconscious REM patterns:

1. Donald Trump is President of America
2. Everybody in the world is stuck inside their homes
3. The word Brexit means something to you
4. Kanye West is famous
5. People like Boris Johnson have had a go at running your country
6. Mrs. Brown’s Boys is referred to as comedy
7. Oil is worth less than a parking ticket
8. Leicester City won the Premier League

It’s OK, you’re going to be fine. Back in reality, series 10 of Dallas is just about to begin. Don’t panic, unless you slip down into a JR Ewing dream within a Pam Ewing dream like in the film Inception.

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