Nature beginning to feel ‘shy’ due to all the extra attention


Over the last five weeks the number of nature photographs taken by the public has increased enormously as people try to liven up walks they wouldn’t usually do and convince themselves that something is happening in their lives.   Apple tree Kevin Bramley said ‘I was enjoying the fuss while my blossom was white and spectacular but now it’s gone a bit brown and tatty. I’d like some time to myself to shake it all off but it’s pose, pose, pose all day long.’

Large bee Nigel Jarman told us:  ‘I was going about my business when I heard an exclamation of ‘Look at that big fluffy bottom!’ and before I knew it my hind quarters were the subject of some very candid photographs.  How am I going to explain that to the wife?’

Ladybird Daphne Harris said she hangs about on a post box when she wants some privacy to tuck her wings back in.  She told us:  ‘I was sat on some bluebells when I realised that the contrasting green, blue and red made for a lovely snap and that was why shadows kept falling over me as humans immortalised me in picture form, at least until the next time they flick through the camera roll on their phone and decide they don’t need twelve pictures of today’s walk which is the same as yesterday’s.’

Some of the keenest photographers are threatening to make 2021 calendars using their best pictures and give them as gifts this Christmas.  Robins are hiding on purpose to thwart this plan and avoid being the picture for December.

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