The Tremendous Sulk joins Marvel movie franchise


The Marvel film studio has announced a new super-villain to stand alongside Magneto, Loki, and the Green Goblin. In their latest movie a guy falls into a giant vat of Fanta, and when he came out he finds he has acquired tremendous powers like no one could even believe.  When the press make him angry he turns orange and his small hands become super-massive. In the debut movie the Marvel superheroes assemble to stop his killing spree at the Washington Post and CNN.

A Marvel story writer said: ‘Audiences will see the Sulk expand to the size of a government briefing room while somehow managing to keep his trousers on.  We’re working hard to develop a female counterpart known as ‘Captain Melania’.  Captain Melania is made of cardboard and lives in a secret underground wardrobe filled with super-outfits.  She can change her shoes at the speed of light.’

Fans have taken to social media to celebrate the Sulk.  They welcome his troubled backstory which adds complexity to an otherwise one-dimensional character.  The debut movie uses flashback to show how the Sulk was thrown out of clown college and shot both of his parents in a dark alley.

Marvel studio has denied reports that Boris Johnson was offered $50 million to play a bumbling sidekick known as ‘Captain Exuberant.’  It is claimed he fell out with the studio after insisting the role should be part time.

‘I’m Incredible’ hits cinemas this autumn.

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