Travel-size toiletries surprised by bathrooms at home


Travel size toiletries are finding themselves used in bathrooms which aren’t in holiday destinations and are surprised at the disparity between their natural habitat and their purchaser’s usual place of showering.

Pricey face wash Lucy Visage said:  ‘This is a bathroom because it has a shower, bath, sink and toilet but it’s like no bathroom I’ve seen before.  There’s no shower cap in a little box and the toilet paper doesn’t end in a point, it just hangs there, with the end of the roll lolling at you, like a tongue.  There isn’t even a proper bath mat, instead there’s an orange towel with clowns on that came from Avon in the nineteen-eighties.  I thought bathrooms were white, with white towels and a huge mirror but this one is avocado green with a peach striped towel and a grey towel stained with hair dye.’

Fancy hair colour protecting conditioner Melanie Tressell was shocked to meet a giant version of herself on a bathroom shelf this week.  When she revealed her price per 100ml her giant counterpart nearly fainted and had to be revived by being told that often a three for the price of two promotion is available.  While waterproof toiletry bag Vanessa Flyte told us:  ‘Bathroom owners seem to think that using travel size toiletries will make them feel like they’re somewhere exotic but coastal breeze shower gel used in Oxford is still a long way from the beach.  We look forward to the time we can go somewhere far away again.’

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