Vera Lynn sent on Microsoft Outlook Calendar training

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Dame Vera Lynn has been sent for basic training on how to use Microsoft Outlook to schedule meetings, it has been confirmed.

The news comes after Lynn, 103, once again left work colleagues frustrated after giving them only a vague notion of where and when she might be able to meet them to discuss quarterly sales targets.

‘Vera’s been with us a long time, but it’s been a struggle to get her to engage with even the simplest workplace productivity tools’ sighed Mike McBride, 46, manager of VE Communications. ‘Dave from accounts tried to lock her in for a Zoom meeting about the product launch in Asia and she cane back with her stock ‘some sunny day’ response.

‘Keep smiling through, just like you always do? She’s actually taking the piss now,’ confirmed Dave. ‘I’ve checked the long-term weather forecast and tried scheduling some slots on the days when it looks like the blue skies will drive the dark clouds far away. But she never turns up.’

It is hoped that Lynn will also receive training in setting up an auto reply to say hello to all the people that she knows.

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