Covid-19 a letter to The Editor



I am a fit-as-a-fiddle seventy-nine year-old and I am writing to protest in the strongest terms about this nonsense of a lockdown which Britain, the greatest race on the face of the earth, is being subjected to.

Can someone just tell me why Britons need to or indeed should stay at home? We are Great Britain. The nation who gave the world Imperialism on a grand scale, who invented the Hovercraft and have a Royal Family the envy of each and every nation on the planet.

We gave Hitler a damn good bloody nose in 1945 and won the World Cup in 1966. We have consistently excelled at collecting Olympic Medals for minority sports like paddling canoes, making horses dance and shooting rifles at little paper targets.

But above all it is we who possess the bulldog spirit. The uniqueness and a plucky can-do attitude so envied by all lesser countries.

So I say “no” and say it  loudly and clearly to this craven and cowardly lockdown. Boris had better be scrapping it or he shan’t get my vote again!

With our blue passports now restored are we expected to hide at home in fear of some sneaky germ created in foreign parts by shifty types? Again I say no!

I will be going out to wherever I please and if I catch Covid-19 or infect anyone who otherwise wouldn’t have got it, then so what! I’m British. Let it do its worst and be damned. I won’t affect me. It wouldn’t dare!


General Rafe Fortescue (JP)
Mandalay Bungalow
24 Acacia Avenue

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