New Films for the Lockdown


The Covid-19 global pandemic has seen film distributors rushing to release many classic movies renamed to reflect the crisis. Please check your local cinema’s website for screening times – when of course you won’t be able to go and see them.


No Close Encounters of Any Kind
When Harry Couldn’t Meet Sally
Apocalypse Right Now
Schindler’s Shopping List
All The President’s Mendacity
Harry’s Pottering Around
Home and Very Alone
Mary Can’t Poppin
Love Tories?
Saving Private Incomes
The Lambshank Redemption
Citizens Kan’t
Unemployed Taxi Driver
Boris Gump

Don’t Catch Me if You Can

A Zoom With a View
The Never Ending Tory
Raging Bullshit
Inside Gran
No Day Out
Bugsy Alone
Four Funerals and no Wedding
A Cockjerk Orange

Panic Zoom
Don’t Stand By Me
Hubei Goes Bananas

Back to The Fuchsias
Tory Stories
One Flu over the Cuckoo’s Nest
2020 – A Confined Space Odyssey
No out to the Country for Old Men
The Exterminator
Lord of the Gas Rings
Countless Angry Men
You’ve Only Got Email

No Contact
Bake to the Future
No Sense & No Sensibility
Walk the Line to Sainsbury’s
When Harry Stayed Away From Sally While She Self Isolated
The Postman Always Rings Twice Then Does A Runner

Been John Malkovich

When Harry Couldn’t Meet Sally
Home Alone Day 50
John Gets-on-my Wick

39 Steps Apart
Famous Five Self-Isolate
A Room with a View of the Garden
Gorky Park is Empty
Breathless by Covid
Singin’ watching the Rain
Brief Infectious Encounter

The Third Man (that’s two too many)

6.56167979 feet of separation
The Cruel C
On the Bleach
Shakespeare in isolation

From Here to Eternity, and Then Another 2M.

Porn on the 4th of July, and on the 5th and 6th…

The Good, The Bad & the Infected.
Around the World in Eighty Days

A Fistful of Sanitising Gel
Peter Pandemic
The China Syndrome

The Mask

When Harry Infected Sally

Sherlock Home
No Brief Encounters

West Slide Story.

Saturday Night and Sunday Mourning

The Spy Who Infected Me.

1 A Space Odyssey.
Carry on self-isolating.
A Fistful of Viruses.
The Good, The Bad, And The One On A Ventilator.
The Socially Distanced Ranger.

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