Sam Beckett Quantum Leaps into Donald Trump


In a surprise move setting the theoretical physics community ababble, Sam Beckett, a fictional character from the early nineties television series Quantum Leap, has leapt into the body of the American President. ‘Oh, boy,’ said Beckett as he realised who it was he had materialised inside.

In the television series, Beckett would leap into the bodies of individuals who needed help, or who were about to cause a cataclysmic event that would change the course of human history for the worse. In this case, it appears that both are valid reasons for the leap.

Wild speculators have been quick to point to the scientific world, accusing them of not accounting for this, many asking the question, ‘Why could this not have happened sooner?’

In response, it has been proposed that it is perhaps not so far-fetched that a TV character existing only in a ridiculous fantasy realm of infeasibility should have Sam Beckett leap into him.

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Posted: May 11th, 2020 by

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