Put sex dolls in House of Commons too, says public


Amid growing concern that the House of Commons simply not entertaining enough when social distancing rules mean that very few MPs can be in it any one time, the British public has suggested that the government take a leaf out of FC Seoul and pack the green benches out with inflatable sex dolls.

‘It’s not the same without MPs,’ one analyst said. ‘So why not replace one bunch of emotionless, compliant automatons with another? Sex dolls might actually have some advantages. You would only have to buy them once and when any of them get too grubby, you can just ditch it and buy a new one, Like Tory MPs, there is a conveyor belt of ready-made replacements whose only role in life is to satisfy Boris’s needs. And, unlike a Tory MP, you wouldn’t be ashamed to admit you have one as a friend.’

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Posted: May 19th, 2020 by

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