Stock photos of pretty young teachers fooling no-one


Despite the best efforts of the press to portray teachers as beautiful, energetic individuals raring to get back to the classroom, the public is still completely aware that most teachers would be more accurately portrayed by Worzel Gummidge after a twenty-year diet of coffee and regret.

During lockdown, students have been somewhat bemused to see images of teachers with Hollywood-looks and levels of happiness, which are normally reserved for someone with a serious cocaine habit. Likewise, partners of teachers have demanded to know ‘why can’t you look that sexy or awake?’.

The press has also been criticised for using stock photos with unrealistic classroom features, such as natural light or learning. However, the Daily Mail has hit back, saying: ‘It’s not true we are only using the pretty ones, we are actually only using the white ones’.

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Posted: May 19th, 2020 by

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