Man completes ‘ten most influential bowel movements in ten days’ Facebook challenge


Steve Marshall from Swindon, 48, has just completed a deeply spiritual journey on Facebook by recalling his 10 most meaningful dumps over a consecutive 10-day period. No excuses, no explanation, just photographs of his excrement.

‘I wanted to get into the spirit of the whole 10-day challenge thing, but the only music I’ve ever bought is the ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 9’ cassette and a ‘Kool and the Gang’ single. So, I really didn’t have anything meaningful to bring to such a worthy endeavour,’ said Marshall.

‘Then I remembered my ‘Turds through the years’ album, a gallery of some of my most memorable dumps, which was basically the same as the random challenges that have appeared so far. It was such a cathartic, rewarding and at times, deeply moving experience. Excuse the pun.’

Particular highlights, in Marshall’s memory, include the one when he shat on the floor of a pub when he was three, which he posted on day 1, then the same scenario when he was 18, day 4, and then again when he was 27 on day 8. ‘To be fair, on that last one I was dressed as a Smurf Elvis in a nappy, so only a bit hit the floor. Lots of photos of that one.’

‘Obviously, I didn’t have photographic evidence of the one when I was 3, obviously, so I recreated that at home with the help of photoshop. Wait. That’s a whole new challenge in itself! Day 10’s entry, or exit, should I say, was ironically one from that very day. Why was it memorable? Well, let’s just say it was like fighting an anaconda to get it down the old cistern. A collection of selfies of me in oven gloves going at it with a coat hanger and a drumstick.’

I’ve now nominated my gran and my boss at work to take the challenge. Nothing yet, but I assume they’re struggling to work out which ones to leave out, like me.’

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