New Dating App launched for people who want to remain single


In an already over-saturated market a new Dating App has been launched with a big difference that the designers are hoping will set it apart from the rest. The App called ‘In Your Dreams’ is for men and women who have no intention of pursuing a relationship but want the world to know what a great catch they are.

Co-creator Tony Sharp carried out a lot of research before deciding to go with this unusual angle but is confident that it will be a huge success “ According to our figures there’s a huge gap in the market for this kind of dating app. Somewhere adults of all ages can upload heavily filtered, beautiful photos of themselves accompanied by interesting and evocative profiles that simultaneously make it perfectly clear from the get go they are completely unattainable”

One user, Jessica Felton, 26, an entrepreneur from Welwyn admitted she has already subscribed for a years membership stating, “I really don’t have any time for a relationship. I run my own business, travel all over the world immersing myself in new experiences and have a very happy and fulfilling life. The only thing that’s missing is my need to be able to tell all prospective suitors that I don’t want them to be any part of it”

There are a number of subscription packages available, one popular one for married men experiencing a midlife crisis that only shows profile pictures of twenty year old women who are dying to meet overweight middle aged sugar daddy’s. As soon as they try and contact any of them though it immediately sends their wives an informing message and clears their bank account.

Like any of the other famous dating apps this one has a swipe system too, swipe left for ‘not in a million years’ and swipe right for ‘I’m attracted to you but it’s definitely still a no.’ Users are also able to send each other messages but each one includes a disclaimer in bold and capitals at the end saying ‘ Just remember this isn’t going anywhere romantically, so stop kidding yourself’.


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