Scientists warn Trump of second virus wave, third wave and possible Mexican wave


President of the free world and social media aficionado, Donald Trump has been advised by a group of scientists, heavily disguised as Evangelical preachers, that there could be a second and third wave of the virus as well as a possible Mexican wave.

The virus, which has claimed the lives of 100,000 US citizens is doing quite nicely, thanks for asking. This is because the President has refused to listen to anyone with any kind of scientific background. Instead, he opened up the country and told all gun-waving patriots not to worry about all that boring social distancing stuff.

Dr Larry Burgermeister, a senior research scientist, outlined the problems they’d had trying to explain the science to Mr Trump.

‘We’ve been trying to tell the President for some time about the risks of further waves of the virus. We caught up with him on his golf course where he’d just made his 26th shot at the par 4 11th hole, and claimed this as a birdie. My colleagues and I had to dress up as Evangelical Preachers and we told him that the Good Lord had mentioned a second wave in the Noah and the Ark story.

He raised an eyebrow at this as he gave his putter to the caddy, curled his lip when we mentioned a third wave and finally flew into a rage when we mentioned the risk of a Mexican wave. We’re hoping we finally got through to him by mentioning Mexicans but we’re not counting on it.”

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