Man claims lockdown and social distancing are “erosion of liberty”


A Dorset man simply asked to sit indoors on his backside for the past ten weeks says his human rights have been eroded and has now vowed to do something about it through the courts.

Seventy-seven year-old former army captain Roger Evans said: ‘Look here, first and foremost I am British and proud of it. A British man does not cower in his home frightened by some tiny little buggy thing that can’t be seen. If we’d adopted that attitude during the war then we’d all be speaking German and munching bratwurst and sauerkraut.”

‘Even though I voted for Boris I will be taking legal advice to see whether I can sue him for my loss of civil liberties during the lockdown period. And what’s all this only six people to interact at a distance of two metres? What absolute rot.’

‘We were packed in like sardines at Durdle Door at the weekend and I’m fit as a fiddle. Well apart from this hacking cough and raging fever that have just developed this morning.’

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