New cop double act: BJ and Cumbo


BJ is a maverick detective with a mop of wild blond hair and a way with the ladies. Cumbo is his intellectual sergeant who feels he should be the superior officer. They don’t care which rules they break!

BJ and Cumbo are hot on the trail of the Corona Killer. As the bodycount mounts, the pressure is on and they’ll soon have to start working full-time. Only five months into the case they’ve already started to set up that whiteboard thingie and to think about case strategy.

Forensics have been slow, mostly because BJ forgot to order any. Working blind, without science or safety equipment, the pair work feverishly through the middle of the day with hardly any breaks, until at least teatime.

BJ tempts the killer out into the open by doing all the things he’s advising the public not to do, and nearly loses his life, but tragically survives the encounter.

Cumbo follows his hunches all the way to Durham, where he combines cutting-edge police work with a nice picnic and an eye test. They might be London cops but they’re not afraid to travel north of Watford. Mavericks.

Their last move is the boldest. Invite all the vulnerable people outside, to tempt the Corona Killer. Is this a gamble too far? Will BJ remember to order some fecking lab tests anytime soon? Did anybody send off for protective equipment? Tune in next year if you survive, when the thrilling series finale will reveal who’s left standing.

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