USA suffers serious shortage of unarmed people to kill


Regrettably, due to lockdown, the USA has been unable to fulfil its primary aim; of life, liberty and the pursuit of other people’s oil. Instead of being focused on killing innocent people abroad, they have had to turn their sights on eradicating their own citizens – which Native Americans simply call being ‘retro’.

Protests over the murder in custody of George Floyd, had initially provided the US government with a handy opportunity to test out the bounciness of their rubber bullets. Sadly, by the sixth day of riots, it has become clear that they would quickly run out of backs to shoot and police reports to fabricate.

A Trump aide explained the priority of killings: ‘Naturally we’ll focus the majority of our attacks on the African American community, but soon enough we’ll need to start on the Hispanics and after that, I’m afraid, we’ll probably need to start shooting the poor white folks. At that point we’ll bring in the National Guard, to shoot the police. Who in turn, will be killed by the mobilized infantry. Finally, we’ll just nuke the troops. And then everyone will be safe’.

The President took to the steps of a Church to assure the nation, that ‘if Coronavirus didn’t get them, he would’.

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