“Eurgh, do I have to care about Black Lives Matter this week too?” says activist


Online influencer and “activist” Lucy Ames posted a succession of black squares and out of context Martin Luther King quotes on her Instagram all of last week, but has been surprised to find that Black Lives Matter trending on social media for a few days hasn’t yet ended people’s desire to fix racism and police brutality.

“I’m all for racial justice, but it is going on a bit,” said Lucy. “Like we get the point, you know. I changed the banner on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. I’ve said Black Lives Matter! Like, done already.”

Despite posting last Tuesday that it was the most important cause of a century, Lucy did not expect that the activism would move beyond hashtags and inspirational quotes and instead into the shocking territory of people “reading books about the subject” and “continually questioning their own biases”.

“That’s just too much, you know. We should have moved on by now. Like, there are probably dolphins with stomach problems or something we could be signing petitions for.”

“I think what they should do is get it all over in one night on telly – like with comic relief. Put some black people up doing shows or whatever, you donate a bit, and then you can forget about it until next year.”

As the global movement shows no sign of stopping, Lucy hopes that photoshopping herself into pictures of a protest will finally be enough for her to then never have to talk about the subject again.



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