Make-Up Department ‘working flat out’ preparing Huw Edwards say BBC

huw edwards

BBC’s make-up department say they are now working around the clock in an effort to get Huw Edwards ready for his stint on News at Ten.  Exhausted make-up artists say they are struggling to keep up with the amount of attention the 58-year-old now feels he needs to make himself presentable for late night viewers.  Fears that the make-up department could run out of essential slap were intensified when another crack appeared in Edward’s already wrinkled forehead.

‘Huw takes longer in make-up than Fiona Bruce, Emily Maitliss and Victoria Derbyshire put together….he’s a right diva since some idiot referred to him as the new Des Lynam.  You might think he looks like some well turned out silver fox when you see him on News at Ten…but believe me, he looks like he’s been foraging in bins before we get to work on him,’ said a BBC make up artist.

‘We try to bring out his natural skin tone….but he’s from Bridgend, for God’s sake….what are we supposed to do?
We’re down to our last vat of sweat barrier….only enough left for a few more days,’ she added.

‘Let’s hope someone like the Queen or Prime Minister doesn’t die in the next few days or we are completely fucked.  Huw’s forehead is already under intense pressure…it simply couldn’t cope with any extra demand,’ she said.

‘I don’t know how much longer we can keep this facade up…most of our make-up artists haven’t seen their families in weeks,’ said a BBC spokesman.  ‘Some people have asked if they can transfer to the coronavirus department or go back to working for the NHS….they are desperate for a break.’

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