Bargain Hunt participants only lose £67,000


Two participants on BBC’s Bargain Hunt mid-morning TV programme are reported to be ‘Cock-a-hoop’ after losing a mere £67,000 as they attempted to make a profit by buying antiques which are later sold at auction.

‘I managed to haggle the price of a 1972 porcelain potty down from £1.2m to a mere £230 thanks to some serious negotiating, and when it sold at auction for 57p I was delighted’ said Norma Hardwick from Bristol ‘That’s just one of the reasons we lost so little.’

The £67,000 loss is a record for the programme, with its previous lowest loss being £123,500 in 2003.

‘I was a little surprised that the 1960 wooden toilet seat for which I paid £36,000 didn’t sell at all, so I’ve decided to buy it for myself and take it to the Antiques Roadshow. After all, no-one ever leaves there disappointed’ said Hardwick.

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