Far-right thugs start the football season early


The Football Association has been forced to explain that the crowd violence seen in Trafalgar Square, was not Millwall FC celebrating a goal. Remarked one hooligan: ‘Getting pissed, hurling bottles, thumping police officers – it’s like the Premiership never went away.’

Originally intended as a counter-protest to the Black Lives Matter movement, it soon turned into as simulation of every England away game. White Supremacists and other members of The Spectator editorial team took to the streets, to defend their right to punch people in the back of the head and have neck tattoos.

Sky Sports were unsure if they needed to cover the event, while gambling websites gave odds on who would get ‘glassed first’. The protestors insisted they were defending British culture and access to cheap cider. Said one BLM organiser: ‘Doing nazi-salutes while defending the statue of Churchill? Yup, that sounds about right’.

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