Grenfell? What’s that?


MPs of all persuasions seemed to be suffering from collective amnesia when it comes to solving a fairly straightforward whodunnit.  Three years has elapsed since the corporate manslaughter of 72 people, but the only person who has gone to prison during that time is Paddington Bear.

The Grenfell Fire investigation had two simple questions to resolve; who decided combustible cladding was a cheaper alternative to not dying and which bunch of cowboys installed it?  Instead, suspects have been granted immunity from prosecution and Kensington and Chelsea Council get to pretend that all they do are Flower Shows.

While most MPs have a second grace-and- favour home, the families of Grenfell are still living in temporary accommodation – albeit, less flammable.  Said one ex-resident: ‘Black Lives Matter should just replace its slogan to Pay Your Rent & Shut Up’.

‘Defacing a racist statue will get you 10 years in prison, whereas killing poor people through criminal negligence will probably get you a mention in the New Year Honours’ List.’  The Government promised to act with all possible urgency, just as soon as they had resolved the backlog of preventable deaths by fire – starting with 1666.


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