JK Rowling accused of being ‘mudblood-phobic’ in ‘wizard’ Tweet


Harry Potter author JK Rowling has received criticism online after referring to those with magical abilities as ‘wizards’.

The author wrote in response to an article at the weekend about ‘people who do magic’, tweeting: ‘I’m sure there used to be a word for those people.  Someone help me out.  Wizzbang? Wizzer? Wizzpop?’

The tweet inflamed many who proudly identify themselves as ‘mud-blood’ – a person of both magical and non-magical heritage, who described Rowling’s comments as ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘mud-bloodist’, arguing that ‘not all people with magical abilities are exclusively wizard.’

In a response to the criticisms, the author claims she merely shared others’ concerns over protecting exclusively magic spaces such as enchanted castles and schools, haunted houses, spooky joke shops and train platforms inside walls.  She wrote: ‘Many of these places are invisible for a reason.  A muggle entering a magical changing-room could cause alarm for a lot of wizards and witches. It used to be accepted that trans-magic folk would live their lives as either wizard or muggle.  Now people are confusing things with endless new identifications on top of their place on the good/evil spectrum and which species of ghost, wraith or poltergeist they are.’

She added: ‘All wizards have a right to feel safe, even if they go to a school in which many students die every year.’

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