MPs to wear face masks when submitting expenses claim – swag bag is optional


Extracting money while wearing a face mask is a tradition that goes back to the 17th century and was used as a way for charlatans to supplement their income….a tradition still carried out by Members of Parliament to this very day.  The Government Advisory Committee (GAC) has said that MPs and Lords should wear a face mask when trying to claw back expenses incurred during the Coronavirus crisis.  The recommendation is seen as a way of heading off the inevitable furore that will surround the next round of expense claims submitted by MPs and Lords as we emerge from lockdown.

In recent years -despite carrying on the tradition – MPs have dispensed with the face mask altogether and claims for paper clips, second homes and duck moats are now commonplace.  ‘It is inevitable that the next round of expense claims will include PPE for those who don’t actually need the money but feel entitled to claim for it anyway,’ said GAC spokesperson Jason Beesley.   ‘So covering your knowing smirk when submitting an expense claim not only cuts down the risk of catching the virus but also cuts down the risk of being identified as the one who claimed back the £2.00 you donated to Major Tom’s NHS appeal’.

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