Zoo animals cheered by return of visiting humans


Zoo animals today welcomed the return of visiting humans after almost three months absence.  ‘We’ve missed their weird faces and watching all their cute little antics,’ said marmoset Barry Ferguson.

He added:  ‘The little ones are cute and I like the old grumpy ones too.  Watching them at feeding time is brilliant as they meet the challenge of opening their crisps or getting the straw into their Capri-Sun.  Some of them don’t half make a mess and then the Mum one of the social grouping does a face and some cleaning behaviour, it’s quite charming to behold.’

Flamingo Marjory Legge-Stanley told us:  ‘Their plumage looked a bit unkempt but it was lovely to see them again.  We were worried they had become endangered recently.  I hope they all get some shiny stickers from the gift shop and come back again this summer.  The more extrovert show-off animals among us (mentioning no names, cough, peacocks), are at a loss without them.’

Senior goat Damien Buttley said;  ‘I like it when they stand up close and I can nibble their jumpers.  I wait until they’re gawping at something in the distance and then I get a mouthful of knitwear.  Someone told me they’re quite intelligent creatures but I’ve seen no evidence of it myself.  Still, it’s nice to have them back.’

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