Bluebird has something in his eye over the White Cliffs of Dover


Bluebird Chuck Fairweather led an expedition of bluebirds this week to visit the white cliffs of Dover, flying all the way from their native North America. On reaching the cliffs the birds paused a moment to get their breath back then sung ‘(They’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover’ while thinking about a human lady who made them famous and gave a feeling of hope to many.

Chuck turned to fellow bluebird George Whistler and said wasn’t it windy? He thought something had blown in his eye. A general chorus of bluebird sniffing was heard.

Inquisitive local pigeon Derek Peck asked Chuck what he and his feathered chums were doing so far from home. Chuck said: ‘We’ve always wanted to visit the white cliffs. Despite us not being a British bird, and so some people wondering why we’re in the song, we loved being included and we think we were used metaphorically to represent brave pilots in the air forces. We all need hope in the dark times, and Dame Vera Lynn embodied that beautifully with her steady voice, reassuring us that adversity would end.’ At this point Chuck handed Derek a tissue and all the birds went quiet for a bit.

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